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    1.  The maximum intensity at which an object or human can operate. 

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You’ll never guess what this guy can do now!

It's been great working with the CrossFit community here in Austin, TX.  In fact, I would tote us up as being one of the CrossFit Injury Expert clinics in the country mainly because of our understanding of human movement, being a familiar with the intensity of the sport, and knowing what it takes to be a CrossFit athlete all around.  That being said, we were able to recently help one of the affiliate owners here in town.  Kyle from CrossFit City Limits in Austin, TX.   He was unable to maintain a snatch/over head squat pattern, but we got him to not only accomplish that, but see what else he was able to accomplish…



Meet OurDoctor


Dr. Dave has helped relieve my ankle/foot pain that has bothered me for years...

Casey / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave made it so I could complete the the 3M and Livestrong Half Marathons even though I could not even walk without pain when I first came in. He has decreased my pain and allowed me to continue running.

- Robert / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave has helped me progress from not being able to finish a 5 mile run without feeling significant pain, to being ready to run a marathon!

Vince / Austin, TX

Dave is the best! After only 1 session I could already see results and felt amazing!

- Kyle / Austin, TX

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