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"We are dedicated to the absolute best possible outcomes for our clients.  That said, we are on a constant, never-ending pursuit of excellence."  

           ~Dr. Dave Cohodes, D.C.    


What If Someone Truly Cared About You?  

That sounds like a pretty simple question right? 

Well we have found that this isn't always the case. 

What do we mean?  

Top 5 reasons Why RedLine is the Best in Austin

1. We have a complete approach to the care and performance of your body.

We saw a major flaw in going to a manual therapist and only receiving their specialty approach.   

If you go to a Chiropractor, they are brilliant at improving your Joint Quality, but don't focus on anything else.  

If you go to a Massage Therapist, they will work on muscles and knots, but those same muscles will spasm again. 

If you go to a Physical Therapist they're prescribe exercises that may improve range of motion, but they'll never truly teach you how to take care of yourself outside of the office.  Furthermore, they'll stop when insurance won't pay.  

If you work with a trainer, they may get you stronger, but will never do anything to touch areas of dysfucntion, pain, weak neurlogic connection, or motor patterns.  

So this is what we did at RedLine…  We took the best of Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and we molded them all together to create the ultimate Rehabilitation System.  

We call it PRFMx.  Pronounced "Perfom-X"  It is designed to use the best of every professsion to get the fastest results, longest lasting results, and truly teach you how to care of yourself so your problem never happens again.  

You can learn more about PRFMx™ HERE

2. We are Actually Intersted in Keeping You Active.  

Most Doctors will tell you to rest, ice, and take some NSAIDS.  Let me be the first to tell you that if you want to fix your backpain.  If you want to fix your knee pain, or if you want to fix your shoulder pain, you DO NOT just sit on your ass.  

You are Active!  Be active.  Furthermore, don't treat a mechanical problem with a chemical solution, and call it a day.  

The best medicine is movement, and we are experts at that.  

RedLine is Active Recovery for Active People.  

3. We Give You What you Need, not some Insurance Approved Treatments.  (Too good to be true?  See these testimonials for their outcomes.) 

I will go on record by saying, "Health Insurance will keep you as healthy as Life Insurance will keep you alive." 

In other words, it is not there to keep you healthy.  Do not think it is.  Do not expect it to take care of you.  

Trained professionals (they're called Doctors) will take care of you, but one better, and it's MUCH cheaper if you do this…  Prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

We are dedicated to providing you the fastest, most effective, evidence-based treatments currently known.  We will never simply provide a treatment because we could get "paid more by insurance."   

Also, RedLine is truly dedicated to your health and wellbeing.  We provide you with the education and strategies you need to actually become and remain healthy for life.  

4.  We Fix the Cause of Your Problem, not just Focus on Pain.  

A lot of people will ask, "Well if you don't focus on the pain, am I going to get out of pain because the pain is my problem?"   

I always reply with s smart-assed comment, "If your house was on fire, and you took the batteries out of the smoke detector because you didn't like the noise.  Did you just fix the problem?"    NO!  

Pain is that noise.  Pain is the smoke detector going off telling you there is something burning.  It is telling you that you are about to sustain PERMANENT damage to some area in your body.  

If you're reading this and you've been in pain for over 6 weeks, the damage has already taken hold.  But its never too late!  Get fixed!  

Fix the cause of the problem and not the site of the problem.  The pain will "magically" go away.    

5. We are on a Constant Never-Ending Pursuit of Excellence 

You are our number one concern.  You are the reason this company exists.  

We are constantly learning and changing.  If what we provide doesn't get you the best possible outcome, then we will either change our approach or we will refer you to the right person who will.  

We use an assess, correct, assess approach.  We will always test your body for it's performance, to identify dysfunction, and address that. 

Finally, as stated above, use have developed an all encompassing rehabilitation system to get the most out of every technique known that will accelerate your results, and maintain a lasting effect. 

What do You Need in Order to Become a RedLine Athlete?  

The first thing is first.  You have to commit to yourself.  

Secondly, you need to think right.  I know how that sounds.  You're probably saying, "I think just fine," well let me exaplain a little better.  

We as a society have a certain set of paradigms that dictate and direct our beliefs and actions.  A paradigm is a way of thinking, or belief, that puts you on a certain path of action.  This action thus brings you to certain outcome.  

I want you to think right now for a second, and asnwer the following…  

If 5 out of 6 people are dying of Heart Disease and Cancer, both of which are lifestyle and preventable diseases, are we on the right path?  Do we have the right paradigm about health?  

NO!  The answer is NO.  Simply NO.  

In oder to truly achieve health (which is why you're still reading this), you first must get on the right path.  You first have to have the correct paradigm and understand what health truly is.  

To learn this paradigm, check out Step 1 HERE.

Second, you'll need to know HOW to remain healthy.  We've provided that for you as well in Step 2.  Click Here

Again, our goal is to provide you with the Foundation, Framework, AND Strategies to get you the best results possible.  This is why we're so adimate about educating you to take the responsibility back for your own health.

Third, you'll need to understand exactly what you'll need to do for your body in order to perform your best and live at your fullest potential.  You can learn more about that in Step 3 HERE. 

Finally, you'll be ready to take the next step and apply to be a RedLine Athlete.  Here

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