PRFMx™ Rehab

The PRFMx™ (pronounced Perform-x) Rehab System is designed to accurately evaluate, assess, and positively impact your structural, functional, and postural health.  It follows the simple rule that all three of these components, function, structure, and posture are interconnected and dependent to one another.  As one of these components falters so too will the others.  In the pursuit of growth, conditioning all three components is absolutely necessary to achieve health and performance.

Within the Rehab System, we employ an advanced form of Chiropractic care specifically designed to enhance the abilities of athletes and active individuals.  PRFMx™ Chiropractic utilizes a multitude of tools, more than the average Chiropractor or Manual Therapist is using on the market today.  PRFMx™ Chiropractic uses a combination of myofascial release techniques, muscle aligning and deep muscle therapies, muscle triggering techniques, power taping by RockTape, and joint mobility techniques to achieve desired results and attain ultimate performance.  Our patients and athletes notice as they go through the PRFMx™ Rehab program they are coming out on the other side with more power, strength, stability, balance, agility, and performance than they had before they were injured.  With these techniques then, we are able to achieve a desired result with not only injured athlete and active individuals looking to fix their pain, but we are also able to improve performance of most anyone who enters the program.

Who is PRFMx™ Chiropractic for?

This technique is not restricted to those in pain or with a current injury.  Though the techniques were designed to fix an athlete fast, PRFMx™ Chiropractic can be a benefit to anyone looking to decrease their risk of injury, or simply improve efficiency, power, strength, steep, agility, balance, flexibility, and coordination.  If you feel “good” or “fine” or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle, this technique might be right for you.  You first have to decide where you want to go, what do you want to achieve physically?  PRFMx™ Chiropractic might be the ticket to take you there.

If you’re sick of your nagging shoulder, hip, low back, or ankle pain this program is for you.  If you don’t want to take drugs to mask the pain of your nagging injuries or pain, then this program is for you.  If you want to remain active for life, and think your quality of life is important, then this program is for you.

If you are sick of Doctors telling you to “rest” it, and then re-injuring yourself this program is for you.   If you want to live pain free, and get your body working at peak condition this program is for you.

The PRFMx™ Rehab system was developed specifically around the demands of the active lifestyle.  Where other therapies fail to complete the process, the PRFMx Rehab Program was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive rehabilitative approach through manual therapy, and functional movement exercises.  It will improve your body’s physical performance while getting you out of pain.  It not only achieves massive results fast, it’s also designed to teach you, the athlete, how to rehab your own injuries for future use, how to avoid injury in the first place, and how to remain active for life by simply doing a few exercises 15-minutes every day.

Achieving greatness starts with a click of a button to find out if PRFMx™ Chiropractic is your best option.  Simply click HERE and one of our Doctors will contact you to discuss if this technique is right for you.

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