PRFMx™ Recovery

PRFMx™ Recovery is a complete Post Workout Training program designed to improve recovery times, flush lactic acid out of your muscles, reduce soreness, increase performance in as little as 15 minutes per day.

The PRFMx™ Recovery program will guide you through a step-by-step process of why recovery is important to your training, what to do after you train, how long, and how often so you can get back to doing what you love to do faster and keep crushing your PRs.

Without adaptation to your last workout, you will not see those max gains you train so hard for.  This program is designed to reduce your recovery times so you can spend more time celebrating your PRs and less time worrying about your sore butt muscles.

The PRFMx™ Recovery broken up into a 5 phases specifically designed to restore your tight muscles back to baseline, repair your muscles and tendons to reduce soreness, reactivate your muscles to work at 100%, Rehydrate your body, and ReFuel to produce max gains, reduce soreness, and improve recovery times.

The PRFMx™ Recovery System breakdown:

  • Phase 1: Restore
  • Phase 2: Repair
  • Phase 3: Reactivate
  • Phase 4: ReHydrate
  • Phase 5: ReFuel


Throughout the program you’ll receive over 100 exercises designed to improve muscle mobility and soft tissue quality.  You’ll also go through each phase of the program and learn techniques and exercises to re-activate muscle, and strategies to rehydrate and refuel your body to be ready for the next workout or event, whether that is in 2 hours or 2 days.

In Phase 1 you’ll learn how to massively reduce lactic acid build up and restore your muscles back to a base line using simple techniques that can be achieved right after your workout and anywhere in the world.

When you perform the exercises Phase 1 of the PRFMx™ Recovery you will

  • Flush out lactic acids from the muscles
  • Reduce potential muscle soreness
  • Improve tissue quality to aid in the repair process during Phase 2
  • Eliminate stagnant blood and waste from muscles and around the joints.


In Phase 2 of the program you will improve your bodies natural tissue repair process.  You’ll learn how to mobilize and lengthen muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons to maintain tissue quality and mobility.  You’ll also receive the most effective and efficient ways to improve tissue recovery times through basic exercises that can be performed anywhere.

During Phase 2 you will see improved mobility, tissue quality, and eliminate muscle pain.  You will notice massive gains if your tissues are able to heal with ease and efficiency.  Phase 2 is designed to do just that:

  • Enhance your bodies natural tissue repair process
  • Increase muscle length
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce soreness
  • Eliminate soft tissue adhesion to improve muscle activation in Phase 3


If you were to stop right now, you would receive about 50% of the benefit of the program and your body would feel amazing after every workout if you just followed the steps of phase 1 and phase 2.  But we wanted this system to be absolutely complete so we kept going.  We found ways to improve muscle activation and restore your muscles ability to react so your body will be ready to perform over and over.

You in phase 3 you will reactive the slow sluggish muscles that were once doing a lot of work.  By conditioning your muscles to activate and perform on a moments notice you will reduce the risk of injury, enhance muscle capacity, and get stronger than you ever thought possible.

You may have noticed you almost feel weaker after your workout than before.  Like on leg day you feel as if your legs are made of Jell-o every step you take. This happens for one very simple reason, your body will shut over worked muscle down (almost like the safety on a circuit breaker) to restrain you from pushing more and doing potentially permanent damage to yourself.  It’s a naturally reaction to Stress, Trauma, Over-use, and Dehydration.

By following the steps of the PRFMx™ Recovery system, you will have all but eliminated this risk of potential damage.  In Phase 1 and Phase 2 you were taught how to enhance your body’s natural healing potential and repair your muscles faster.  So now you can flip those circuit breakers back and condition your muscles to activate and be ready to contract at will.

In Phase 3 you’ll learn why the body shuts muscle down, how to eliminate this performance barrier, and how to reverse your bodies way of slowing you down naturally,  You will more muscle power, produce more force, and crush your PRs day in and day out.

After performing the exercises and strategies of Phase 3 your body will be ready to react.   You will:

  • Improve muscle activation
  • Improve strength, stamina, and power
  • Improve your over all performance through conditioning neuromuscular system
  • Reduce your risk of injury through increased muscle capacity


If you think enhanced tissue repair, quality, mobility, and strength will help you with your next workout, then this system is right for you.



Your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments will be thanking you for the work you’ve just did to them to improve tissue repair, muscle strength, and restore mobility back to your body, but your job is not quite complete.  To master the Recovery process and ensure your body is ready to move for tomorrow’s workout, you have to ReHydrate and ReFuel.

In Phase 4 and 5 you’ll be given the advanced knowledge on how to improve your recovery times through proper nutrition and hydration strategies.  You’ll learn what nutrients your body craves after a workout and how to replenish that without sacrificing desired muscle gain.  You’ll why hydration is so important and how to insure you never get dehydrated again.

You’ll also receive 10 of our favorite recipes to start your own library of PRFMx Recovery Meals to maximize gains, reduce soreness, and improve your performance day after day after day.

Again, if you think enhanced tissue repair, quality, mobility, strength, and nutrition will help you with your next workout, then you would be crazy to pass up on this system.

Here’s how to learn the PRFMx™ Recovery System


PRFMx™ CrossFit Recovery Seminars


March 2nd:  CrossFit Baytown – Houston, TX

March 23rd:  CrossFit 925 – San Antonio, TX

Coming in Summer of 2013:

  • Complete PRFMx™ CrossFit Recovery DVD and eManual program
  • Complete PRFMx Endurance Recovery DVD and eManual program

“It doesn’t matter how much weight you push, you’ll never get stronger if your body doesn’t recover and adapt to the increased load.  Recovery then, is the secret to performance.  I just teach you how to recover faster.”  ~Dr. Dave Cohodes, D.C. creator of the PRFMx™ Training Systems

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