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Paul Mathews

Paul Matthews Bio

Paul has competed in triathlons since he was 11yrs old. Starting his triathlon journey with the Murwillumbah Triathlon Club which is now known as Tweed Valley Triathletes based at the Murwillumbah swimming complex in the beautiful Tweed Valley in New South Wales Australia.   His first triathlon coach was Jeffrey Collier and running coach Brian Chapman. He went Murwillumbah High School and in that time competed in all sports including soccer, hockey, swimming, athletics and cross country. He made it to the Australian All Schools Championships in Triathlon, Cross Country and Athletics. At one stage winning the Australian title in the 2000m steeplechase and having the Australian u/17 record.     He has progressed through the Australian Triathlon Junior ranks through the Australian Institute of Sport and Queensland Academy of Sport. Winning the 16-19yr age group at the World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton, Canada in 2001. He has now moved onto concentrating on the 70.3 Half Ironman Series which is 1.9km swim, 90km bike and a 21km run. In his time collecting 2 wins in the series and numerous podium finishes.

Meet OurDoctor


Dr. Dave has helped me progress from not being able to finish a 5 mile run without feeling significant pain, to being ready to run a marathon!

Vince / Austin, TX

Dave is the best! After only 1 session I could already see results and felt amazing!

- Kyle / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave has helped relieve my ankle/foot pain that has bothered me for years...

Casey / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave made it so I could complete the the 3M and Livestrong Half Marathons even though I could not even walk without pain when I first came in. He has decreased my pain and allowed me to continue running.

- Robert / Austin, TX

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