Our Testimonials speak for themselves.  Here’s the scenario:  You’ve been working out and you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for yet.  What is slowing you down?  What’s keeping you from achieving the ultimate results you deserve?  Find out how these people went from pain to gain.


Not sure if the RedLine PRFMx Rehab System is right for you? Simply request a FREE phone consultation with one of our doctors by emailing us at RedLinePerformanceHQ@gmail.com or call (512) 250-9799 to set up your phone appointment today and start getting the results you deserve!



  • Testimonials

    Dave is the best! After only 1 session I could already see results and felt amazing!

    - Kyle / Austin, TX

    Dr. Dave has helped me progress from not being able to finish a 5 mile run without feeling significant pain, to being ready to run a marathon!

    Vince / Austin, TX

    Dr. Dave made it so I could complete the the 3M and Livestrong Half Marathons even though I could not even walk without pain when I first came in. He has decreased my pain and allowed me to continue running.

    - Robert / Austin, TX

    Dr. Dave has helped relieve my ankle/foot pain that has bothered me for years...

    Casey / Austin, TX


  • Chiropractic Care is an essential part of Maurice Jones-Drew's recovery. 

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We don’t like the term get well soon.  Because we want you to get well NOW.
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