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Over the past few decades Austin, TX has set itself apart as one of the fittest and healthiest cities in the United States.  It currently ranks in the top 10 and boasts a 75% physical activity mark, which is astronomical, compared to the national average.  



Austin is an amazing place to live, play, and be fit, but there is still a large discrepancy between the middle/upper class, and the lower class in our city, and frankly it is our duty to insure our community remains as one of the fittest cities in the country. 



As obesity rates in the United States rise, Austin is not immune to these pit falls.  While working with low-income families, my wife and I have noticed a complete 180° difference in health and fitness education, mentorship, and opportunity between the upper/middle class and low-income families. 



That is why we have created RedLine Philanthropic (RLPhil).  RLPhil is a non-profit foundation dedicated to serving low-income families (namely children) with health and fitness education, mentorship, and opportunities in the metro area. 



We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Chisholm Trails Communities Foundation in this venture to improve the lives of all those who live in our community.   In fact, I’m so passionate about this, my company, RedLine Sports Therapy, has vowed to donate 10% of its profits into the fund.



If you would like to be a part of this wonderful experience or want to learn how to impact your own community with health and fitness mentorship, education and opportunity please contact us directly at



We would love for you to help Forge Performance Health in your community.   If you are interested in Donating a tax deductible gift of health and fitness please visit: RedLine Philanthropic Fund


Click the button Donate and be sure to include the name “RedLine Philanthropic” when you do.



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