Affiliate Program

We are proud to be associated with some of the best and brightest in the health and fitness industry here in our community, and that's why we have created the RedLine Affiliation Program


Growing a healthy community starts with the dedication, commitment, and knowledge of a core team of professionals.  That's what we're developing through our RedLine Affiliation program.  We know, you as a Trainer, Gym, or Business owner, have set backs of losing clients to injuries, fatigue, overuse, or even nagging aches and pains that get in the way of results. 


In the athletic and fitness industry clients pay for results, and the only way they are going to achieve those results is through performance recovery efforts, fixing their naggining injuries that are holding them back, and getting rid of all those complaint issues that make it hard for you, the trainer or owner, to train them and ulimately get results.  


By affiliating with RedLine Sports Therapy you'll recieve:

FREE monthly 1-hour client mobility and injury prevention workshops ($99 value)

One-on-one coaching with a RedLine Board Certified clinician for you and your trainers to improve screening techniques, get better training results, and learn quick ways to completely impress your clients with your knowledge and understanding of the human body. ($300 value/session)

FREE movement screenings for ALL your clients to improve training outcomes and reduce the risk of clients getting angry for training related injuries. ($45 value/client)

A qualified, board certified clinician on your team to answer any questions you may have about a client's injuries, how training through injuries, or simply to ask tips on how to improve performance.

Promotion of the affiliation and your business on our webpage as a leader in the health and fitness industry in our community.


The benefits of the affiliation program are transfered directly to you the gym owner and to your clients.  We insure you receive tons of tips and tricks to keep you, your staff, and athletes mobile, stabile, and achieving the results they're looking for.


If you are interested in working with RedLine Sports Therapy and becoming a RedLine Affiiate contact Dr. Dave directly at:


These businesss and gym facilities have decided to take their training to the next level by working with RedLine Sports Therapy and get better results than they ever thought possible. 




Our RedLine Affilates have commited themselves to forging performance health.  They realize that with life, training, and sport comes setbacks, injuries, and bumps and bruises, they have gone the extra mile to insure they themselves, their trainers, and clients are getting the most out of their training and performance by receiving Sports Chiropractic care here at RedLine Sports Therapy. 


If you want to be considered a leader in the health and fitness industry in Austin, TX, we will back you and these facilities any day of the week.


Again, If you are interested in working with RedLine Sports Therapy and becoming a RedLine Affiiate contact Dr. Dave directly at:




  • Chiropractic Care is an essential part of Maurice Jones-Drew's recovery. 

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