Time heals all wounds, but it surely doesn’t rehab them.


5 Steps To Full Injury Recovery:

Step 1:  Feel sorry for yourself for 5 minutes, then get over it.

Injuries are not an excuse to get out of work, unless you hate your job.  If that's the case you have a whole set of different issues.  Use your injury to learn from because if you don't it will happen again.

Step 2:  Choose to fix the problem, rehab your injury.

During any injury phase you are presented with a few options:

Option 1.  You can decide to avoid your body's warning sign and simply "wish the pain away."  Good luck with that. You're more likely to re-injure yourself if you don't do anything about it than if you actually fix the problem where it started, I promise.

Option 2.  You can get rid of the pain by masking it. It will go away for a while, but I assure you, in time the pain will come back.  This is possibly the most dangerous option because The worst thing you can do for yourself is avoid your own warning signs. Pain is a messenger telling you there is an underlying pathology, any avoidance of this warning sign will eventually cause further damage through continual use.

Option 3.  You choose to fix the problem and rehab your injury. Whether you think you're an athlete or not, you have an optimal structure that will produce optimal functioning. Health is normal. The absence of pain is normal. You complaining about your injury is not. Fix it. To give you an analogy: If you notice water damage on your ceiling would you paint over it (mask the problem) or stop the leaking pipe above the water damage (fix the problem)?  Why then, would you treat your own body any different?

Step 3:  Call RedLine Sports Therapy   …here's the number  (512) 250-9799

Step 4: Commit.

Single men, have no fear, this commitment should be easy to keep.  During your injury recovery you are going to have good days and bad, but the most important part is staying committed to your goals. The greatest athletes in the world all have one thing in common:  They all have coaches.  They know they can't do it without the guidance and suggestion of a knowledgeable team.   We are part of your team, but first you need to make a commitment to yourself, and your health.

Step 5:  Play! This step is so underplayed.  It is vital that while you are coming back from any type of musculoskeletal injury you continue to do what you love to do.  We may suggest taking it easy for a while, and every case is different, but its our goal to get you back to doing what you love to do as fast as possible. Remember also – growing old does not mean growing painful.  Avoiding your old injuries over the years will spawn new ones.

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