Preparation: The Secret the Pros Use

How do professional athletes continue to perform year in and year out?  Well read on and I'll tell you.

Professional athletes have the same amount of bones and muscles that you and I have. (Don't believe your neighbor who swears certain athletes have an extra muscle in their legs, that guy is an idiot).  But since these human specimens are made of all the same materials, how do they stay at the peak of their game throughout the season?  It's simple, they prepare of it. 

So now I bet you want to know what they prepare…  well come with me on a journey into the world of professional athletes…

Before the first pitch, the first swing, the first play, or scrimmage, every athlete begins in the trainers room.  They are getting screened for movement deficiencies, they are clearing up mobility problems, they are working with manual therapist to get rid of all that scar tissue that built up from the last season. 

Pro athletes know and understand moving well is necessary before moving fast.  They understand that one asymmetry can lead an injury that will cost them the game, season, or their career. 

How to move well?

It starts with getting screened for asymmetries, dysfunction, or movement deficiencies.  What's an asymmetry – to give you an example, have you ever lifted something over your head and one arm seemed to fatigue faster than the other?  That's an asymmetry. 

What happens next…

An active individual who present with pain, asymmetries, or dysfunction goes through a simple program of manual therapy followed closely by corrective exercise.  Once their screen shows up negative they are cleared for full activity. 

What the Pros say:

“I've Been Going To Chiropractors For As Long As I Can Remember. It’s As Important To My Training As Practicing My Swing.” ~Tiger Woods

“I Have To Have An Adjustment Before I Go Into The Ring. I Do Believe In Chiropractic. I Found That Going To A Chiropractor Three Times A Week Helps My Performance. The Majority Of Boxers Go To Get That Edge." ~Evander Holyfield

“Lance Said That He Could Not Have Won Without His Chiropractor's Help. "I Am Just Coming Into My Best Years. This Year I Did New Things; Stretching And Abdominal Work." ~Lance Armstrong after the 2000 Tour De France

The most important step in preparing for a season, event, or match is taking care of your most important piece of equipment…you.  All that practice means nothing if you can’t function at peak levels   …enter RedLine Sports Therapy. Prepare for your season, event, or match the right way by taking care of your body with sports chiropractic care, deep muscle therapy, and getting rid of those tight and sore muscles.  

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