Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the first session?

The purpose of your first visit is to gather all the information necessary (complete history, orthopedic tests, and functional kinetic chain assessment) to deliver the best possible action plan for your case. With this information you will receive an individualized mobility plan to get you on your way to performance health.

When can I expect results?

We have had clients see results in as little as one session or as many as 12.  On average we are confident you will start to notice correction in your mobility and movement dysfunction within four to six sessions. 

What are some of the reasons to see a delay in my results?

Common reasons to see delay in your results are often due to environmental situations.  Typically workplace ergonomics, sleeping situation, and common poor posture throughout your daily routine will delay hitting your objectives.  Other factors include: age, lifestyle habits, BMI, compliance, nutrition, and hydration. 

What is the purpose of your Performance Health Program?

The focus of the treatment plan is to first reduce pain and inflammation, break down scar tissue, adhesions, increase function of your joints and surrounding soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and fascia), and return you to activity pain free.  We then focus on increasing functional range of motion, develop postural balance, increase strength, balance and stability, and re-pattern breathing to correct the underlying movement deficiency while protecting you from re-injury. 

Are there risks?

At the beginning of any aggressive conservative care, there are common side effects that may present within the first few treatments, which include: increased pain, soreness, tenderness, and/or bruising. This is your body’s natural reaction to the break down of scar tissue/adhesions. It is important to understand that this is a normal reaction and to maintain your prescription of care to encourage the proper healing.

When can I return to activity? 

We want you to avoid movements that may aggravate your condition. This does not mean avoid all activity. What it does mean is that we want you to modify your activity in order not to initiate the inflammatory/pain cycle so that you can stay as active as possible while under treatment. Consult your treating doctor in regards to any specific/personal exercise guidelines.

Can I use my insurance? 

Yes!  As a service to our clients, we provide them will the proper documentation needed to be reimbursed through their insurance carrier, pending their coverage.  In order to work in behalf of our clients’ best interests, we request payment in advance or at the time of service.  We do not bill your insurance through our office for the following reasons:

Doctors that accept insurance must use a limited set of "insurance-approved" treatments in order to get payment, regardless of the patient’s needs. Some doctors will even add unnecessary "insurance-approved" treatments to maximize payments (which is why a patient might encounter doctors that use muscle stimulation, heat packs, and other modalities for all patients at every visit, regardless of condition).  In our opinion this is unethical, a waste of your time and money.   We have developed a Performance Health Care model to insure our clients receive the highest-quality care, and achieve the maximum benefit in the shortest time.  By taking the middleman out of the equation you will save time and money.

We would be limiting ourselves in the type of treatment we provide because most insurance companies expect that you perform only symptom-based care and don’t reimburse for wellness or performance care such as we provide.

Doctors that take insurance typically hire extra staff to process claims. These costs are passed on to patients via increased rates. We choose to keep our rates reasonable instead of adding these administrative costs.

We are straightforward in our pricing, and there are no hidden charges. Our flat rates cover everything necessary for each visit. We are therefore more cost-effective than an insurance-based practice, because we start with the goal of getting you back to optimal health and needing only occasional checkups.

We will see Medicare patients, but as a non-participating provider.  The patients are expected to pay for service at the time of treatment, and as an added service we will file our patient’s Medicare bill, and the government will reimburse them directly. We do not plan to accept or file Medicaid.

We will accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flex-Spending Account.

Worker's compensation and personal injury due to an auto accident or otherwise will be processed similarly.  We will not be listed to accept assignment of benefits.  However, just like any other insurance claim we will provide our clients with all the documentation needed to get reimbursement.

What if I can't afford to get the care I need?

This is never a problem at our clinic.  Your doctor will provide you a recommended program based on your presentation in the office not on your ability to pay.  Upon request, payment solutions will be offered to decrease financial impact.  We never deny anyone care for inability to pay for service, we are always willing to work with our clients to best serve them, and make sure they receive the same quality treatment they deserve.

What if I can't get there during normal business hours?

Not a problem.  Just call and ask.  If you're actually motivated to improve your life, and you need to come in during "off" hours we'll let you know if it's too outrageous.  We want happy motivated people in our office anyway.     

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