About Us

Our mission is to keep you performing your best and living at your fullest potential.  

This Company exists for one reason, and that reason may come as a shock… 

That's right, the reason we exist is to ACTUALLY help you.   To ACTUALLY give you the answers you need to perform your best, and live at your fullest potential.  

We are dedicated to not just getting you out of pain, but to give you the perform basic maintenance on your own body so you can remain injury free.  

This company is dedicated to inspiring and empowering people with the answers they need to live a life that is not hopeless or helpless to the "powers that be."  

What that means, is we want to teach you, and as many people as we can how to take care of their own bodies because we feel it's a biologic right that all humans should be able to.  To start learning, check out the [Start Here] page.

You're also probaby wondering why Dr. Dave called this company "RedLine" Spine and Sport Therapy.  The answer was pretty interesting… 

So now you can see, it really has nothing to do with the finish line or even a heart rate monitor.  It has everything to do with keeping you moving at the fast pace of life.  

Keep moving. 



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