• We are musculoskeletal advancement for weekend warriors, crossfitters, athletes, bootcampers, and fitness enthusiasts.

  • Red·Line [n. red-lahyn; v. red-lahyn] verb, -lined, -lin·ing
    1.  The maximum intensity at which an object or human can operate. 

  • RedLine is active care for active individuals

  • We've got the tools to help you recover faster and make your stronger




Welcome to RedLine Sports Therapy

Our model is very simple, we develop performance through movement and symmetry.  We have created a performance health model of treatment to get you out of pain, and get you back in the game faster.  We provide musculoskeletal advancement for CrossFitters, Weekend Warriors, Pro Athletes, Average Joe Athletes, Movers and Shakers, and the occasional Ninja (but you'd never know they were here). 

Performance through movement and symmetry. 


  • Sports Chiropractic

    Treat Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Headaches

    and more

  • Movement Screens

    Find out if you're at risk of injury BEFORE it happens. 

    and more

  • Deep Muscle Therapy

    Your muscles will love you

    and more

  • Sports Massage

    Decrease muscle tension faster than you can say "aaahhh"

    and more

  • RockTape

    Active support for the active individual and more

  • Graston Techinque

    Increase Power, Endurance, Flexibility

    and more

  • Myofascial Release

    healthy muscles = happy muscles

    and more

  • Corrective Exerices

    Human efficiency at its finest

    and more

Meet OurDoctor


Dr. Dave has helped relieve my ankle/foot pain that has bothered me for years...

Casey / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave made it so I could complete the the 3M and Livestrong Half Marathons even though I could not even walk without pain when I first came in. He has decreased my pain and allowed me to continue running.

- Robert / Austin, TX

Dr. Dave has helped me progress from not being able to finish a 5 mile run without feeling significant pain, to being ready to run a marathon!

Vince / Austin, TX

Dave is the best! After only 1 session I could already see results and felt amazing!

- Kyle / Austin, TX

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